Tailr.Mde.Lvn – Roguè // Lights Down Low

South london collective Tailr.Mde.Lvn is back after a short hiatus with some new music and what’s a best way to come back than with a complete hit ? They announced the release of a new EP called “The House Party” that is due to be released during this Spring and to heat us up, they shared some new music compiled in a little playlist called “Pre Drinks Before The House Party” which totally makes sense. With a perfect understanding on how to mix very different genres, Tailr.Mde.Lvn are definitely making us wish they never left

The playlist contains 3 tracks : the first one called “Roguè // Lights Down Low” is complete banger. Sampling Alina Baraz just poses the line that will be followed during the entire track. R&B at its best mixed with a raw verse, creating the perfect hybrid between the two genres. The song is completely mesmerizing, transporting you to a whole new level of sweet R&B. The track is divided in two parts that ends with a hazy vibe that will give you simply shivers.

The playlist announces the EP that should be out sooner than you think, and Tailr.Mde.Lvn told us over email about it :

The tape is about freedom, its the beginning of a mellowhype amongst people that feels like one big wave. “House Party” is one for the night. Its one for all of those who just want to let go and live their life. For those who just want to say fuck it and and experience life for what it is. Its real. Its about life.

The second track released as a preview is “Jodeci”, another simple but yet full of references track. He quotes as inspirations “Kanye, Kendrick, Drake, A2, Skepta, Old rare groove songs”.

We’ll keep you posted for the release of their EP and for now you can delight yourself with their first draft. Welcome back Tailr.Mde.Lvn !

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