Take a sip from the hypnotic ice-water of Laxcity and Sherry W’s ‘Catch Me’

One of my favorite type of songs are the ones that deserve to be played in dark rooms swith the lights low and the bass high. I absolutely love silky melodies slinking over deep basslines punctuating the still air. You know, the songs that are best paired with a listener that just might be a liiiittle faded [blaze it]. This is what Laxcity and Sherry W‘s new track ‘Catch Me’ is all about!

Another track that I am definitely adding to my (many) playlists dedicated to that kind of music is ‘Catch Me’, by Laxcity and featuring Sherry W. Laxcity is the pseudonym for Zambia-born and UK-based producer Joshua Manasseh Mbewe. Laxcity has been popping into the scene for the past couple years, bringing in fresh tracks all with the same kind of aforementioned vibes that I really dig. To put it quite simply, his tracks are like ice-water: cool and refreshing.  He teamed up with LA-based singer/songwriter Sherry Wang, who is expanding from a mostly acoustic repertoire to more electronic material.

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‘Catch Me’ is dripping with a gentle kind of lust, a kind of lust that’s also kind of sad. The kind when you’re missing someone that used to be right next to you. Sherry W’s vocals combined with the music bring a sort of sensuality to the music. What I really like about her vocals are how there’s an emotive, earthy wholeness to her voice when she sings. I really appreciate is how her voice can be solid, but still be able to maintain a longing sort of tenderness. I’ve had the word mellifluous stuck in my head for the past couple days and I’ve been waiting for a chance to get to use it, and I’m super glad I can use it now: Sherry W truly has a mellifluous voice. Her vocals nestle in with the surrounding soundscape. Both the music and the vocals complement each-other, creating a hypnotic atmosphere.

I said previously that Laxcity’s tracks are like ice-water, and ‘Catch Me’ is no different. The variety of instruments comes together come together in a icy blue sort of way, weaving together seamlessly creating an ambiance that is suspended all around you. The synths and piano make this track all bright and shimmery, like ice water catching the light. I really appreciate a nicely utilized synth, and Laxcity uses them in a really great way. They stretch and curve at frequencies which seep through your brain and make it feel all tingly. The bass frames your heartbeat as it punctuates the sounds staining and bleeding through the air. The track has a really, really dope kind of hypnotic sensuality. There is also really nice little string arrangement that plays the track out that really ups the whole sophistication of the song. I may be super biased to strings because I used to play the violin for quite a bit of time, but I really like a bit of orchestral flair thrown in songs and I think they should be utilized a lot more in electronic music. In “Catch Me”, the strings bring a stormy sort of feeling to the song, and you can feel some kind of emotion brewing under the surface.

‘Catch Me’ is literally added to my playlist right now, and I genuinely think this should be a new addition to all of your playlists as well. Laxcity really has sharpened his craft, and you can tell with the nuanced layers of sound and emotions presented in this track. This is off his upcoming EP, coming up late 2017. It’ll be a much needed refreshing, tall glass of ice water in the firestorm that has been 2017.

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Sree Kariyadan

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