Tallisker murders her lovers in impressive new video for “Cirrus”

In the video for her last rendition “Cirrus”, Glasgow-based French artist Tallisker explores her dark sides, by killing her lovers.

On an electro-pop dark vibe, the artist is scary, giving us chills about what she is capable of doing for love. In a twisted yet intriguing storyline, you can follow her while she murders the objects of her desires, while feeling some kind of satisfaction in doing it. About the track, Tallisker told us about the inspirations:

“Cirrus” has been written in Glasgow during the writing session of my sophomore EP “HELIOTROP”. I was wandering around the city at night and I was observing the people transforming as they drink while I remained sober. The alcohol and the night change the people and make them more vulnerable. They put themselves in danger without even seeing the threats. With Kevin German, the director, we thought that sometimes people can get hurt without realising it. In Cirrus, the girl I’m talking about calls her boyfriend and says “I did it”. What has she done?

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Matias Calderon

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