Tan Cologne announce new album, share “Floating Gardens” video

“Floating Gardens” is taken from Tan Cologne‘s sophomore album, Earth Visions Of Water Spaces, out September 9 via Labrador Records.

Two years after Cave Vaults on the Moon in New Mexico, the Southwestern duo Tan Cologne (Lauren Green + Marissa Macias) have just detailed the inspirations of their sophomore record. “We would like listeners to feel they are submerged within or near the presence of water,” the duo stated about Earth Visions Of Water Spaces. “The entire album is about water: droplets of water, atmospheric exchanges of water, and the transformation of Earth by and through water. We were drawn to this through finding shells within the desert landscape. We also read a story in the newspaper about a 300-million-year-old shark fossil found in the mountains in New Mexico thirty miles southwest of Albuquerque. There’s a lot to consider in reflecting on where the Earth’s path has been, and where and what it may be, water of course being the vital experience for existence.”

Following the first offering off the album “Topaz Wave,” the second single, “Floating Gardens,” fleeting as the morning mist, addresses shallow depth ecosystems of water and was inspired by the ancient Aztec gardens of Mexico City known as Xochimilco. “A shimmery glide on the surface of water recalling past civilizations, the song tells a story of a “skin of water” covering the Earth and transforming the landscape into grasslands,” they developed. “We focused on imperfections and inter-dimensional existence.”

Alongside the track, they have also shared a video, filmed by Marissa Macias, which features Pat Lennon, an old-school surfer, woodworker, musician, and surfboard shaper. Watch below.