Tan Cologne dive into the unknown in atmospheric new track “Visitation”

Tan Cologne‘s new song, “Visitation”, is out now via Labrador Records.

Hailing from New Mexico, the State where the Roswell incident (and all the subsequent conspiracies) took place in 1947, Tan Cologne crafts gauzy soundscapes that also evoke something cosmic from another universe. On their 2020 debut album, Cave Vaults on the Moon in New Mexico, the interdisciplinary artists, Lauren Green and Marissa Macias, explored, amongst other themes, the mysteries and oddities of New Mexico. This sense of mystique also inspired their dreamlike new track, “Visitation”, which boasts an atmospheric, almost surrealist, languor.

“This song was inspired by communications with otherworldly beings,” they stated. “We recorded the instrumentation and developed the lyrical concept through envisioning crossing into unknown dimensions where other beings teach and share through ancient ways.”