Taraka starts her solo journey with punk inflected debut “Psychocastle”

Taraka Larson formerly of Prince Rama branches out on her own with debut solo single “Psychocastle” with her debut album Welcome to Paradise Lost confirmed for release October 8 via Rage Peace.

Previously performing as part of the outfit Prince Rama with her sister Nimai Larson and Michael Collins, Taraka Larson has released her debut single, the psychedelic rock and punk inspired “Psychocastle”. Following the split of the group back in 2019, Taraka has spent the time allowing herself to explore the genres of her teenage life, delving back into her past in order to move forward.

Where Prince Rama’s sound was one of off-kilter, 80’s infused dance pop, Taraka is a project fuelled by punk, rock and something alternative that sits adjacent to mainstream pop. “Psychocastle” gives us the first taste of this rebellious spirit, one that’s unafraid to let itself get slightly unhinged.

Rooted around a scuzzy refrain and Taraka’s jerky and spitting vocals, “Psychocastle” feels liberating in its unashamed and brazen ability to let loose. The slightly manic energy that the track possesses is infectious and is hopefully telling of what her debut album Welcome to Paradise Lost will hold.

Of the inspiration and meaning behind “Psychocastle”, Taraka said: “Ever try to escape your bedroom, but feel like you’re still asleep? Ever try to wake up, but find yourself back in the dream? Ever try to take off your mask, but another one pops up beneath it? Ever try to consult your inner self, but inside your skin is merely a rotting corpse? Ever feel like every path you take is just another mobius strip leading you back to where you first began? Congratulations, welcome to the Psychocastle.”

The video accompaniment directed by Matthew Hoffman was filmed in upstate New York and was shot on super 8 film giving it that delightfully grainy, jolting finish. We follow Taraka through an abandoned mental institution, reenacting a sort of unhinged imagining of the garden of Eden, with snakes, flower crowns, grapes and a filter bed frame. Strange? Yes. Delightful? Also yes.

Rachel Chandler