TASHA impresses with empowering and oddball ballad “New Place”

TASHA‘s “New Place” is taken from her upcoming debut album “Alone At Last” due out October 26 on Father/Daughter.

With her debut album “Alone At Last” scheduled for release on October 26, Tasha is one of the last names to join Father/Daughter‘s already impressive string of recent signings. Her most recent track “New Place” finds the Chicago songwriter at her most soulful and race-conscious, offering a way out to the Black community with her hopeful and emotive voice. Though there’s a certain sadness to it, hope is the driving force behind “New Place”: “Maybe we’re the future we envisioned all that time ago”, she sings with a soft voice that marks a stark contrast with the decisively empowering nature of the lyrics.

During its first minute or so, “New Place” consists almost exclusively of Tasha‘s voice and a tranquil guitar part, giving the impression that this is going to be a minimalistic R&B track in the style of, say, Frank Ocean. That changes soon enough, as a playful bassline and jazzy drumbeat step in to grant the song a powerful live presence. Though it starts off as its own pseudo bedroom pop thing, “New Place” finds enough space in its three minute span to go fully soul and then bedroom pop again. With its multitude of unexpected yet natural changes, “New Place” is a bit of an oddball song, and one that is as rewarding to think about as it is to listen to.

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