TDJ shares SPF INFINI 3, the conclusion of her euro-trance trilogy

TDJ‘s SPF INFINI 3 is out now.

TDJ, the alias of Montreal’s songwriter, producer, and DJ Geneviève Ryan-Martel, recently unveiled SPF INFINI 3, the final opus of her euro-trance trilogy. Just like the previous installments, SPF INFINI 3 is a highly collaborative mixtape, which features 21 original songs, with some HighClouds favorites such as Vitesse X, and Neggy Gemmy. And this ethereal yet propulsive project also comes with an ambitious 55 minute-long video, directed once again by Laurence Baz Morais.

Blurring the line between utopia and dystopia, the SPF INFINI 3 visuals follow a small community of influencers, somewhere in a desert. When they are not taking selfies, staging their life in front of their smartphones, or selling online some very cool TDJ-branded merch, they sing karaoke with a capybara, take care of themselves, and reinvent bromance and sorority. At least, they do so until the final apocalypse.

TDJ is also touring right now, and you don’t wanna miss her. Check the full itinerary.