Tenfold debuts video for stripped-back, astral single “Response To Rivers”

Dutch singer-songwriter Tenfold debuts a melancholy video accompaniment to single “Response To Rivers”.

Releasing a steady stream of music since 2014 and having already produced two enchanting EP’s, Tineke Hussaarts AKA Tenfold has been tirelessly working towards creating her debut album.

The latest single from this forthcoming project, “Response To Rivers,” makes for a bittersweet listening experience. The softness and otherworldly timbre of Tenfold’s voice, entwined with the throbbing bass guitar and timidly plucked acoustic guitars, creates an intrinsically moving soundscape.

Tenfold expertly utilises synths and what sounds like computerised drums to create an almost whimsical change in tone that occurs at the two-minute mark. The resulting effect is one that’s both uplifting and emotive.

On top of this understated sonic spectacle, what’s specifically interesting about the track is its birth: it was inspired by The Tallest Man On Earth’s “Rivers” and acts as a reimagined version. Where “Rivers” spoke of “pain of abandonment and lasting desire”, Tenfold’s “Response To Rivers” “tells a story about the sense of change and taking care of yourself.” By subverting The Tallest Man On Earth’s lyrics, Tenfold creates a dialogue, a call and response that intrinsically ties the two songs.

“What spoke to me most in “Rivers” are the lyrics,” she stated. “Those nostalgic and sentimental metaphors appeal to me. Anyway, I tried to write a hopeful message in response.”

The accompanying video to “Response To Rivers” was brought to life by creative duo Annie van Noortwijk and Marije Seijn who also composed Tenfold’s previous music video for her single “Sister”. The video, which we’re delighted to be premiering, perfectly encapsulates the elegance of the sonic landscape.

“It is about letting things be, being still in the midst of chaos and realizing that sometimes all you need is you,” she detailed about the concept behind the visuals. “They’ve (Annie van Noortwijk and Marije Seijn) experimented intuitively with a mix of digital and analogue techniques, colours and materials and took all the time they needed to create this flow of projection.”

This is certainly an accurate depiction of the mood and tone of “Response To Rivers”. The video has an artistic sensibility, one that evokes a feeling of walking through an art gallery and being engulfed by the art. Visually, it’s deeply textured and dynamic despite its sense of innate stillness.

There are also aspects of femininity being played within the video, a symbolism that is particularly important for the artist. Backed by an all-female band and working with female visual artists, Tenfold strives to champion diversity within the arts.

“In the Dutch creative industry, diversity and equality is not yet where it should be,” she explained about her experience as an artist. “Working with a group of women should be as normal as working with a group of men. As long as the ratio is not the same, or almost the same, it certainly doesn’t hurt to offer a counterweight. That said, over the past few weeks I have also come to realize that apart from the male / female ratio, the Dutch music industry is mainly represented by white men and white women. We need to step up our game for inclusivity! We are and I am responsible to show that the creative industry is for everyone.”

Rachel Chandler