The Ghost of Helags celebrate Berlin with dreamy post-club “Anthem”

Mysterious Swedish duo The Ghost of Helags have just released the second single off of their double A-Side project. “Anthem (We Came From The Stars)” is a post-club which celebrate the German capital, Berlin, while still building up their singular dreamy essence.

The Ghost of Helags, is a singer-songwriter and producer duo hailing from Sweden but relocated in Berlin. According to Electric North, the members of the band are unmasked: John Alexander Ericson (production) and Teresa Woischiski (vocals-lyrics).

Some weeks ago, their previous single “Wildest Dreams” was honouring their home country. This brand new one seems to be dedicated to Berlin and it can actually be heard… On the trance-infused, post-club dreamy single “Anthem (We Came From The Stars)”, The Ghost of Helags implicitly sing about a city which was marked by history. Nowadays, Berlin has become a sanctuary for a lot of artists: it’s a source of inspiration but also an affordable dynamic city where a lot of young people live and try to make their dreams come true. As written in the press release, their previous single showed you how to find your “Wildest Dreams” and “Anthem” will guide you to bring them to life. The captivating and intense track is constantly building up until a climax which actually doesn’t end up like what you could have imagined. A beautiful metaphor for life.

The Ghost of Helags just got a distribution deal with AWAL and will be playing some gigs in Brussels and Berlin in February. If you want to know more about it, connect with them over Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Matias Calderon

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