The Ghost of Helags explore the wild side of beauty in “Wildest Dreams”

The fog is still surrounding the Sweden-via-Berlin duo The Ghost of Helags and it seems that they don’t want to lift it yet.

Following up on their “Shibuya EP” earlier this year, The Ghost of Helags are back with a brand new track “Wildest Dreams”. It is supposed to be the first single of a double A-side release where each track represents a location. The shy duo who comes from Sweden is now relocated in the vivid and boiling city of Berlin and this double single seems to be a sort of homage for both places. “Wildest Dreams” was recorded in a cabin close to a forest or a mountain in the wild countryside of Sweden. It is sweet, natural, beautiful, and raw and if you close your eyes, you can almost hear the snow hitting the window. Listen to it below.

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