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Some days I wish I could stay like The Weeknd in this picture. “In my thoughts, while money is being poured around me.” … Unfortunately life doesn’t always…rarely…(never) works like that. Abel continues the promotion of his recent album “Beauty Behind The Madness” by revealing another “dark”-themed video for “In The Night”.

“In The Night” involves money, sex, drugs, violence (and reptiles?…) but it’s not surprising knowing that the dark song follows the steps of a survivor of childhood sexual abuse.
The song initially made as an homage for Mickael Jackson is actually inspired by Marilyn Monroe. Who also were a survivor of childhood abuses, fortunately we all know that the actress managed to use her sexuality to grow up and become “America’s most famous sex symbol”.

Abel even told this about the song; “Max’s studio used to be Marilyn Monroe’s old house and I came up with the concept for a song called “In the Night” in her bedroom. That was pretty amazing. Unfortunately I couldn’t help but imagine Joe DiMaggio’s sperm everywhere on the floor.”

The video is produced by BRTHR, who are the directors of videos such as “Breaking Up” by Charli XCX, “Tough Love” by Jessie Ware, “Youth” by Ben Khan and MS MRTA-KU and more…
And also features his girlfriend, the model Bella Hadid (AND REPTILES).

A video purely inspired by the 80’s movies…

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