Thieves Like Us share mysterious new video for their track “Moon”

After taking a four-year hiatus, Thieves Like Us came back to life with a brand new self-titled album, and you can read our interview about it over here. To continue to promote it, they shared a video for “Moon”.

The video, made by video artist Janus Martinez, tries to recreate the feeling of the music, using multiple moments from old movies. As their music in their album is more nostalgic than in their previous records, this idea seems to fit perfectly to their new aesthetics. About it, vocalist of Thieves Like Us, Andy Grier explained to us over an email:

Although the text for “Moon” is about infidelity, the video portrays something else. A lot of the footage for “Moon” is from Eckhardt Schmidt‘s 1983 film “Das Gold Der Liebe”. We’ve re-contextualized the film clips and tried to make a new story. It focuses on two female characters. One young and pure, the other older and corrupt by a lust for power. They both seek the other. One is looking for wisdom which comes with age and experience, the other is searching for the purity and honesty of youth.

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Matias Calderon

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