To overcome adversity, Xander Singh shared two new tracks from debut album

To whet the appetite of his fans, Xander Singh has released two singles – “Turn off My Love” and “As Long as You’re Loved” off his debut album “Muffin” set for release on December 16. The two tracks are as the opener and closing tracks of the album respectively.

“Muffin” tells the tale of the challenge of overcoming adversity after being so close to success and coming out stronger and better. Singh seems eager to share his experience as a way to give hope to others. He says, “Making this record took a lot out of me, and I couldn’t be happier than for it to leave my hands and fall into yours.”

Xander Singh seemed to have the world at his feet after being part of a world famous band Passion Pit, only for everything to come crashing down through emotional heartbreak and serious health issues. All within a three week period.

While the core of the upcoming album is synth-pop, Xander Singh unhinges his creativity and pinches from R&B, dance music, and other musical genres coupled with a sprinkling of honesty that bares all. You can follow him on Twitter, Facebook, Soundcloud and Instagram.

Matias Calderon

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