TOLEDO harness heartbreak on “Dog Has Its Day”

Brooklyn-based indie pop group TOLEDO explore the darkness and lightness of love lost with “Dog Has Its Day,” the new track off their forthcoming EP, Jockeys Of Love.

TOLEDO – the sadboy duo who have been churning out routinely wispy, beautiful, guitar-laden tracks – are back with another single off their upcoming Jockeys Of Love EP. Despite what their band name may suggest, the two members, Daniel Alvarez and Jordan Dunn-Pilz, hail from Brooklyn, NY by way of Newburyport, MA. The pair are proud childhood friends, and this life-spanning connection shines through with the homey, familiar quality of their tracks. Single “Dog Has Its Day” is a freewheeling and forlorn peek into their forthcoming EP, which the band describes as “a perfect balance of light and dark; its lyrics cover heavier matters like relationship issues, anxiety, depression, and alcoholism, while the music retains a sense of better days just around the corner.” A folky take on the quintessential breakup album, Jockeys Of Love promises to be a thoughtful snapshot of well-intentioned heartbreak.

True to their word, TOLEDO‘s “Dog Has Its Day” certainly features dark lyrics placed against relaxed music. The track begins with the sound of a door closing, as a soft voice sings, “I just called to say I can’t / Stand losing out on you. / Wrap my head around a plan / Count down the things I lose. / ‘Cause I don’t want to share. / I don’t want to share.” In the next verse, the meaning of the last lines morph, “I don’t want to care / I don’t want to care about you.” While these words drip with regret and longing, the instrumentals are carefree and light. The weighty vocals contain the steady control of greats like Sam Beam or Sufjan Stevens. Paired with artful guitars and bright choral additions, this release was made for road trip listening, an apt soundtrack for watching the countryside crawl by on an overdue visit home. There is trepidation, but also an undeniable hum of hope packed into this track.

In a statement, TOLEDO explained the meaning of the song, “‘Dog Has Its Day’ is about the lull after the initial chaos of a breakup. It’s about the time where you play detective, trying to piece together exactly what it is that brought you here.” “Dog Has Its Day” is a study in lackadaisical loneliness, and their upcoming release, which was co-produced and mixed by Jorge Elbrecht, promises to be an EP that portrays the sad understanding most people experience at the end of a meaningful yet failed relationship. Sadness aside, “Dog Has Its Day” is a veritable earworm ready for replay. Take the track for a walk at the link below.

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