Tolman had a discussion with us about their debut track “Chaperone”

After being members of various bands such as Imagine Dragons, The Moth & The Flame and Mount Saint, wife and husband Brittany and Andrew Tolman decided to launch their duo career by their own name Tolman thanks to their debut track “Chaperone,” an empowering indie-pop track.

Reminding their previous works, the release of their first track as a ouple sounds like a moment of ecstasy where both members have achieve their climax. Retro 80s synths, a deep voice and astrong message are the ingredients to nothing more than a great alt-pop debut. The track was co-produced by D. Wayne Sermon (member of Imagine Dragons), co-engineered by Patrick Tetreault (Priory, The Features), and mixed by Greg Giorgio (The National, The Head and the Heart, Kurt Vile). The duo took some time to answer to our questions about their duo, how their relationship influences their music and their debut track “Chaperone.”

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Highclouds: You were both members of the band Imagine Dragons in the past. Why did you decided to launch your own project and how is it influenced by your previous musical experiences?

After we left Imagine Dragons, our musical journey continued as we wrote and performed in other bands. Now that we’ve started TOLMAN it feels so natural and so right – like a no brainer. I think it was a matter of timing though. Years ago I’m not sure we were ready to be a duo yet. I (Britt) was figuring out my sound and was pretty insecure with my early songwriting and production skills. I had to get some years of experience under my belt before feeling confident enough to venture out into a lead role. Almost a year ago when we started writing for this project, it just felt right. We’ve loved our creative journey so far and are excited for the future.

You are husband and wife in real life, how does it change the dynamic in your duo?

Four months after we got married we moved to Vegas together to do Imagine Dragons full time. As newlyweds, we had learn how to be in a band together. It was tough at times, because it can be difficult to take creative criticism from the person you love most. Over the years as our relationship has grown, we’ve learned how to best communicate with each other during the songwriting process. We understand each other really well, which helps drive our music. We love experiencing life together, and it’s pretty rad that when we’re out hiking or at dinner or on a drive, we can write and brainstorm together, anytime the inspiration hits.

Can you tell us how your debut track “Chaperone” was born?

(Britt) – We had an intense conference call one afternoon. My natural tendency is to be a peacemaker and avoid conflict at all costs, but in this situation I stuck up for myself and it felt really empowering. After the call, we were both fired up and needed a healthy way to express our frustration, so we went to our Moog and wrote the bass line and chorus vocals for Chaperone. It was cathartic. The song is about being independent and recognizing your own worth, even when somebody else can’t.

What can we spent in the future for you both?

You can expect more music. We’re constantly writing and recording in our home studio.

You can follow the growing career of Tolman here over Facebook, Twitter and Soundcloud.

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