Tove Styrke shares “Changed My Mind” ahead of tour with Lorde

Tove Styrke‘s much awaited album “Sway” is set to be released on May 4 via Sony Music Sweden/RCA Records. In March, the tour with Lorde will start in the US. Busy year for her! Her new single “Changed My Mind” is here to create even more excitement.

After the release of her previous singles “Say My Name“, “Mistakes” and the cover of Lorde‘s track “Liability“, the artist continues to bring the most exciting pop tracks of the past few years. Track after track, she has been capturing more and more fans, who relate to the stories behind her music. About the meaning behind “Changed My Mind”, Tove Styrke stated:

It’s like, you decided with your head that ‘this person is a bad idea’ but whenever you bump into them or hang out that’s just not what happens. You try and be friends with them and act normal, but you can’t help but slide back to whatever it was that you had… you know… you don’t want there to be a vibe, but there is vibe.

Tove Styrke‘s “Changed My Mind” is out now via Sony Music Sweden/RCA Records.

Matias Calderon

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