Trace sings her emotional detachment from a relationship in “Oh My My”

Alt-pop Los Angeles-based artist TRACE is back with “Oh My My” where she shows her lack of emotions in a relationship.

What’s better than singing honestly about being adored without having feelings for that person? After the release of her debut EP “Low”, the artist starts 2017 with a lyrically straight-forward song. About it, Trace explained:

Lyrically, the song is 99% factual and so honest that I finished writing it in 15 minutes. Sonically, I wanted the track to feel easy on the ears because I knew the words behind it would be kind of cutting–in a way I wanted to put the listener in a trance so they would be distracted by what might feel like a lack of empathy. Being wanted is addictive–it’s totally a drug; this song is about that willingness to let someone pour out their adoration, knowing that you yourself have no true interest in them. But I won’t ever stop you and I’ll never lie.

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