Trends burst through the gates with versatile new single “Branches”

The first track from Trends‘s upcoming record is a bold shapeshifter.

Thematically occupied with the realm of passing fads and the cyclical nature of time, Trends is a Los Angeles-based alt-rock band with its own hashtag (#trendsneverdie) unafraid to color outside of the expectations of genre. The band is composed of four friends: lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist Marina Paiz, drummer Karen Moreno, lead guitarist and backing vocalist Abraham Urias, and bassist Jose Valiñas.

Their latest track is the lead single from their upcoming record, Palettes. It is appropriately titled “Branches”: it grows and twists through time signatures and styles like the new growth of a tree weaves its way through the power lines.

“Branches” starts jangly and slow, with a gentle vocal echo and light cymbal taps creating a dreamy soundscape. Slowly, it builds to mid-tempo before stopping and doubling in time, speeding along a pop-punky fashion reminiscent of an early Paramore track. It reaches full strength in its third movement, which features layered, shouted vocals and frequent breaks for shreddy guitar riffs. Just when you think the song can’t possibly take on a new shape, it slows back to the contemplative dreamy sound of the very beginning, allowing Marina to finish the track strong with a tender plea: “let us back in.”

Of the lyrics, songwriter Marina told HighClouds:

This song is about letting go, and just feeling sadness during a time when relationships and friendships feel distant. Even when people branch out we are still connected to this trunk.

Watch the accompanying Jeremie Carreon and Eileen Alexandra-directed video for “Branches” below.

Erin Bensinger

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