Twenty 88


Who the hell could have expected that? The two huge stars that are Big Sean and Jhené Aiko decided to team up once again… But this time, it’s not a simple featuring collaboration, they’ve created a duo/project together called Twenty88.

Why “Twenty88”? The two best friends were born in 88 and turned 28 this year. That’s it. They also told the press : ““TWENTY88 tells the story of the highs and lows of a relationship, with insights into conflict, memories, love, sex, and more and features production from Key Wane, Detail, and Tommy Brown.”” They also celebrated the release with a press appearance during “Jimmy Kimmel Live” on the 31st of March.

Their project was available for streaming on Tidal for 72 hours and is now released available world-wide.

Bonus :
Big Sean‘s latest surprise b-day single “Get My Shit Together”.

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