Twin Rains address uncertainty with upbeat yet dark cut “All of the Angels”

“All of the Angels” is taken from Twin Rains‘ new album Unreal City, out now.

Toronto dream pop duo Twin Rains recently released their sophomore LP, Unreal City, whose atmospheric and moody soundscapes seem to be tailored for rainy days. If the pair excels at crafting such melancholy moods, some of their tracks present a more upbeat vibe. It’s the case of “All of the Angels,” one of the highlights of the record, which boasts luminous synths and a danceable beat.

“A situation that first appears bad might turn out favorably, and conversely, a situation that starts out great might eventually ruin you. You don’t get to know how it pans out,” they stated about this track which addresses uncertainty. A timely theme in the middle of a pandemic.

Jay Merrow and Christine Stoesser know about doubts: the last couple years introduced physical and mental health struggles that almost unraveled the duo’s resolve to produce another work. We assume Unreal City holds a special place in their hearts: It’s a testimony that it is always possible to bounce back after an existential crisis.

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