Two Tribes unleash fierce new track “Cruel Sensuality”

Two Tribes tease new EP with electrifying new track “Cruel Sensuality”.

Two Tribes, the East London trio comprising Patrick Smith (vox, guitars), Annalisa Iembo (vox, synth, samples) and Kim Engelhardt (bass), have unleashed an explosive new track. Drawing from the fury of punk and the euphoria of rave and dance music, with tones of industrial and noise, “Cruel Sensuality” acts a cathartic, visceral experience. The track is lifted from their upcoming EP, due sometime next year.

“The lyrics focus on detaching yourself emotionally from another person, making the transition from sensuous to desensitised, and trying to figure out what part of yourself needs to be severed in order to leave a bad situation behind,” they explain. “Identity is a common theme in our music, and writing Cruel Sensuality was an opportunity to explore the self-reflection and reinvention that occurs when dismantling a relationship.”

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