Tyzo Bloom – T O N I G H T

Los Angeles-based producer and songwriter Casey Chen, better known as Tyzo Bloom, released his brand new track “T O N I G H T” influenced by indie pop and soul.

The tracks deals with toxic love and being unable to get out of it. We’ve all been there and can relate very easily. He uses music as a way to heal from a relationship and writting it on paper helps him to move on. About it, he told us over an email:

I got really inspired late at night (3am) and the weather in LA was pouring rain out. I decided to go more intimate with my sound and recycle vocals from a girl I used to write songs with. Since we never released those songs, I pitched the vocals down -2 cents and highlighted certain parts that stood out to me.

You can follow Tyzo Bloom over Twitter, Instagram and Soundcloud.

Matias Calderon

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