Ultraflex detail sophomore album, share “Mi Vuoi” with Kuntessa

“Mi Vuoi” is taken from Ultraflex‘s upcoming sophomore album, Infinite Wellness, releases October 7 on Street Pulse.

Ultraflex are Farao and Special-K, a Scandinavian multidisciplinary duo which dusted off Hi-NRG synthpop and Italo-disco on their debut album Visions of Ultraflex. Highlighting their unparalleled bond, the amazing record was also playing with lust – a theme that might be once again very present in their “naughty” sophomore album Infinite Wellness. Take their trance and eurodance-inspired new single, “Mi Vuoi,” and its conceptual video: the girls are doing some household chores in a somehow suggestive way, while Italian performer Kuntessa, who sings on the track, dances sensually in a river (am I the only one getting some Sabrina’s “Boys” video vibes here?). It seems that vintage erotic movies are also a big inspiration.

According to the press release, Infinite Wellness is a record with a wide sonic palette, where disco, R&B, 80’s synth pop, Italian 70’s film music, eurodance, and even some references to jazz and classical music intertwine. We’ll experience that very soon, in the meantime, check the “Mi Vuoi” video below.

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