Usher in the gentle fall warmth with Boys’ new track “Rabbits”

Lo-fi alt-pop really is the vibe right now.

What’s not to love, honestly? It’s a combination of the fun, ethereal, and kinda weird (in the cool way) sounds of alt-pop with the slight grit associated with lo-fi music that grind you back to reality a bit. Aaaaand speaking of lo-fi alt pop, have you checked out “Rabbits” by Boys?

If you have, you’ll agree with me that it reminds you of distilled early-fall-sunlight and all the other nice warm things.

If you haven’t, what are you doing? In most cases when I say “trust me”, you probably shouldn’t, but in this case, you should definitely trust me and go check it out right now!

Boys is the solo musical lovechild of Stockholm based Nora Karlsson. After being laying low for about a year after the release of the EP “Kind of Hurt”, she’s back with “Rabbits”.

There is something vintage and sepia-tinted to the track that evokes (the good kind of) nostalgia. You could imagine this song being played over the stereo of a 60’s Corvette, and it wouldn’t be out of place. It’s all floaty and smooth and glides all over.

I really like it’s kind of funkiness and how it seems very real and down-to-earth. But interlaced with that is also a kind of muted etherealness. The music consists of traditional instruments, meaning guitar, drums etc., but they blend together into something wistful and warm. Boys’ vocals ride the music like a raft bobbing in the water.   

All of it comes together to create something warm and lovely. The emotions are in perfect balance, with happy wispy music in the front, and a slight tinge of wistful sadness in the background. Listening to “Rabbits”, it’ll gently wash over you like glittering waves of sun kissed ocean water.

It’s going to pretty interesting to check out what else Boys has up her sleeve and add to the collection lo fi alt pop tracks that’ll play 2017 out.

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Sree Kariyadan

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