V.V. Lightbody gets delicately dark on new single “Car Alarm”

V.V. Lightbody‘s new song, “Car Alarm,” is a siren song for late summer days.

Chicago-based artist Vivian McConnell has spent her career as V.V. Lightbody honing a unique blend of indie rock, jazz, and dream pop that she has nicknamed “nap-rock.” On her 2018 debut album Bathing Peach, McConnell crafted delicate, layered tracks about the changing tides of a relationship. She returned this year with the sultry, lounge-inspired lead single “Baby, Honestly,” and she’s brought that same energy with her latest release, “Car Alarm.”

Written in just 10 minutes and recorded hot off a 10-day tour, “Car Alarm” conveys both the languor and intensity of late summer afternoons with its tight snares, sharp guitar tone and lilting vocal melody. It features a dripping-wet distorted guitar solo that sounds something like the feeling you get when someone you’ve just started dating pulls up to whisk you away for the evening.

Touching dramatically on topics like death and darkness, the lyrics are clearly told from the perspective of a suffering-artist type. “I was thinking a lot about death when I wrote this song, and in the moment it helped me to be tongue in cheek about it,” said McConnell. “The chorus pokes fun at being a selfishly dark artist, taking small human moments and exaggerating them into song, i.e. being ‘set off’ by someone’s beauty, staying up all night chatting, exiting a situation because of guilt, etc.” Listen below.

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