Valmai shares enchanting single “Botany” from her debut EP “Magma”

Danish singer/songwriter Valmai just self-released her debut EP “Magma”.

Another day, and another great discovery from Denmark. Behind the solo project Valmai (meaning Mayflower) is the Aarhusian singer/songwriter Stine Drejer inspired by flora and the importance of a balanced human relationship with nature, adding a little Hygge to our souls.

The Danish artist’s sophomore single appropriately titled “Botany” pushes the essence of her music further as it opens with the drumming sound of rain pouring down. Her aforementioned fascination for nature is also lyrically apparent as the track’s lexicon revolves around flowers, forests, water and the sun. Sonically, the acoustic piano-led effort has a neo-classical aesthetic to it tastefully paired with cascading xylophones.

Overall, on her debut EP “Magma”, Valmai puts forward elegant instrumentation and airy vocals displaying her self-described “dusty dream pop”. Painting a lush universe, Stine Drejer crafts a captivating sound situated in the realm of the atmospheric emitting a certain authenticity lacking in the current mainstream musical landscape. Think the otherworldly of Aurora associated to Agnes Obel’s grace.

Max Keijzer

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