[Video Premiere] : Small Culture – Touslee

Getting to know new acts for us is truly important since we are such music freaks. San Diego based band Small Culture have only one song but they already won our hearts thanks to their debut track “Synthetica”, a dreamy pop-kaleidoscope rock gem, as they like to define it themselves. Being inspired by bands such as The Postal Service, Sylvan Esso and Sigur Rós, Small Culture are bringing their own touch of perfect rock sounds that will make you travel your way into shoegazing. We have the pleasure to premiere the video for their second track called “Touslee”, named after choreographer Sarah Touslee and her dance rendition of Sylvan Esso‘s track “Come Down.”

“Touslee” is another great gem that clearly reminds Sigur Rós‘ first albums as it seems that time stops suddenly when you start to listen to the track, taking you away from earth, creating a floating atmosphere around you. It is easy to read some sadness and anger behind the track, but always keeping the strong hopeful vibe. The video contains, as for Sarah Touslee‘s rendition, a choreography that truly marries the spirit of song, elevating the track even higher.

Small Culture told us over email that “With the help of my friend and director, Cameron Wilson, “Touslee” was my way of getting myself out of this big heap of artistic angst I was having at the time and still go through from time to time.” and also how artist St. Vincent helped them thanks to some inspiring words, to get out of that anger :

All you can do ever is to make the things that you like and believe in, and put it out in the world so people can react to it, and then it can weave into the fabric of their lives if it matters.

Small Culture are planning to release on the next few months their debut EP as the release of a remix of Lorde so can’t wait! For now, you can check their debut track “Synthetica” below and also you can share some love over Facebook and Soundcloud


Bonus: Check the video of Sarah Touslee dancing over Sylvan Esso‘s track “Come Down”

Matias Calderon

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