Watch Shy Luv dealing with a heartbreak in video for new track “Lungs”

We’ve all had to suffer from a heartbreak at least once in our lives. It is not pretty. Somehow, Manchester-based band Shy Luv made it look like something you wish for in their new video “Lungs”.

Raging from nostalgic guitar riffs to incredibly catchy choruses, it is hard not to fall deep into their music. How not to sing along? “Lungs” is the first single where singer Sam Knowles puts his vocals really in the front stage, making it shine. About what inspired the track, the band stated:

“Lungs” came from us wanting to create something nostalgic for ourselves, something that people at our gigs could sing back to us, or take that same feeling away with them. It’s written around saying too much in a relationship and wanting to take back what you’d said, telling someone you love them and then almost regretting it.

“Lungs” is out now. You can catch Shy Luv live in London on December 14th.

Matias Calderon

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