Watch video by Marble Empire for “Head Above The Water”

London-based producer Marble Empire shares new video for DJ Katya-assisted new track “Head Above The Water”.

Both artists met at a gig where they could share their mutual love for the same sounds and decided to collaborate. The result is a hypnotic track thanks the deep production of Marble Empire and the catchy lyrics of DJ Katya. The video has a strong yet confusing message, to put us in the same situation as the main character in it: everything seems to be a loop of the same tragic accident but we have to remain positive. About it, he explained:

Myself and the directors discussed ways we could make this work as we wanted to create a really cool piece of film that was dramatic and added an intense side to the track. The multiple double gangers represent ‘perspectives’ this is relative to the song itself which is about trying your best to keep your head up when life is tough and always looking at things from different views and to be understanding. We intensified the message here as the film draws on a much darker theme, I wanted it to be a head scratcher!

Marble Empire‘s “Head Above The Water” is out now.

Matias Calderon

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