Whitney – Golden Days

After releasing the amazing “No Woman”, duo Whitney shared a brand new track announcing the release of the much awaited album that will be called “Light Upon the Lake” that is due to be released on June 3 via Secretly Canadian. Listen here to “Golden Days”

The duo formed by Max Kakacek and Julien Ehrlich‘s golden days are on their way since we are all waiting impatiently for their debut album to be out. In a statement, they said about their name :

We were both writing as this one character, and whenever we were stuck, we’d ask, ‘What would Whitney do in this situation?’ We personified the band name into this person, and that helped a lot. We wrote the record as though one person were playing everything. We purposefully didn’t add a lot of parts and didn’t bother making everything perfect, because the character we had in mind wouldn’t do that.

You can check the artwork of “Light Upon the Lake”, the full tracklist and listen to the audio below


01 No Woman
02 The Falls
03 Golden Days
04 Dave’s Song
05 Light Upon the Lake
06 No Matter Where We Go
07 On My Own
08 Red Moon
09 Polly
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