Wolfie – Outta Earth


To follow the career of Wolfie is an extreme pleasure because she has been releasing a great song after another great song. After releasing “Seeds” that made until our Top 100 of last year and starting 2016 with “Obi-Wan“, she is now ready to take a supplementary step with a new track “Outta Earth”.

What is a good way to increase the expectations about the release of a debut EP ? It is to pick the track that is going to strike the better into people heads and will not give a choice but to listen to the track again. Many artists nowadays release song after song without being careful on choosing the right one. Wolfie is the kind of artist that choose the right track instead of releasing many not that good ones. With “Outta Earth”, an R&B ode, she strikes hard again increasing the expectations about the future. More informations coming soon…

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