Work Wife reconsiders her trajectory on “December Summer”

“December Summer” is taken from Work Wife‘s upcoming Quitting Season EP, out December 2 via Born Losers Records.

Fans of Colatura might already know Meredith Lampe (guitar, synth, vocals). The Brooklyn-based musician has now launched a new project, Work Wife, which should please all the sad indie boys and girls out there. Exploring her own struggles with anxiety and failed relationships, Work Wife is not all about melancholy though. The project also boasts dreamy melodies and witty lyrics, peppered with dark humor.

On her new single, “December Summer,” lifted from the upcoming Quitting Season EP, which was produced by Brooklyn duo Toledo and mixed by Jay Som, Lampe sings about a pivotal, revelatory moment of her life. “December Summer describes a period of a few months after high school that totally changed the trajectory of my life,” she explained. “I was living in Newcastle, Australia and working for a religious organization associated with the church I grew up in. The longer I spent there the more I grew to disagree with what the organization was doing, and everything that I had up to that point believed in started to feel really backwards and confusing. I felt like all of the messy chaos in my head was being reflected physically by all of the seasons being opposite in the southern hemisphere, thus the name of the song. It was hot at all the wrong times, and everything that seemed right before wasn’t right anymore.”