Wy share their love for each other in new video “You + I”

How to resist them? With each new release, we are falling even deeper into their music and now, they share their love for each other with us. (Soon-to-be married) Swedish couple Wy can’t get enough of each other in new song “You + I”.

About their own love, Ebba sings “The softest boy with shining eyes, I could not behave, I could not contain myself, And I messed him up like only I can do” and we can’t contain ourselves either. In a smooth yet assertive way, the duo fall for each other and get to share their feelings about social anxiety. About it, Wy explained us over email:

“You + I “is one of two love songs on the album. I usually have a hard time writing love songs, but I wanted to write about what it’s like being a couple when both of you struggle with social anxiety. It’s about being uncomfortable around every person except one, and being each others safety zone.

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Matias Calderon

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