Yoke Lore – Hold Me Down


After listening to his first track «Heavy Love», we were pretty convinced that Brooklyn-based artist Yoke Lore’s career was just at the starting point of a promising path into success. With his second track «Hold Me Down», he shares a more solar song than the previous one where we get strong indie-pop vibes that shows the amazing palette of sounds that he can provide.

Yoke Lore is completely resourceful as he was surrounded by art since he was little : his mother is a director and his father an actor and sculptor, so for a very young age, we was inculcated to create all types of art. As a adult, he doesn’t only play different instruments, but has also play with photography, dance, teaching Taoist Yoga and even drawing since he designed the artcover of his next EP «Far Shore» that is due to be released on May 6. We are just waiting to hear more of Yoke Lore since his promising career will take him for sure very far. You can listen to his debut track «Heavy Love» below.

Matias Calderon

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