Yves Jarvis announces new album with textured and mellow song “For Props”

“For Props” is taken from Yves Jarvis‘s third album, Sundry Rock Song Stock, out September 25 on Flemish Eye Records and Anti Records.

Having previously created music under the moniker Un Blonde, back in 2017, Jean-Sebastian Audet reinvented his sound in a way that felt entirely cyclic. His new project, Yves Jarvis, is indeed described as an exploration of shifts and phases. It is also one that is deeply personal to Audet, and it is simply reflected in his name choice: Yves is Audet’s middle name, while Jarvis is his mother’s last name.

Reinvention and metamorphoses are second nature to the artist. This is something that’s displayed frequently with his music, which across the board is a sonic amalgamation of varying genres, a mood board of influences. In fact, of his music and what specifically drives him to create, he commented “It’s this spectrum and it’s this dichotomy that I’m interested in exploring. Both sides of everything, and everything in between.”

His latest single “For Props” is no exception to this eclectic sound, with its irresistibly funky bassline that wouldn’t sound amiss on a Stevie Wonder track from the ’70s. Yet there are elements of indie bedroom pop coming through in the driving acoustic guitars, with a relentless riff grounding the track. There’s an airy nay pastoral quality, one that makes “For Props” fitting for a relaxed summer evening.

This breeziness actually gives a taste for the whole album as Sundry Rock Song Stock has been described as being closely “infused with the natural state of green.” When explaining this further, Yves Jarvis said it’s the colour that he associates with his own personality, one that moves “beyond an aesthetic attraction into feelings of wildness, boundless energy, and an anti-establishment streak permeating 23 years on the planet”.

However, as expected, the last minute of the track morphs and slides into something else, almost stripping back each individual element to its bare bones, revealing to us how the track was made. It’s like a peek behind the curtain, a small taster of what goes into making a soundscape as lush and full-bodied as “For Props” without it being overbearing or heavy. Combined with Yves Jarvis’s dulcet R&B tones and soothing croons, it’s a song that glides incredibly smoothly down into your soul.

Rachel Chandler

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