⚡ Sorcha Richardson gets honest about loneliness in “4AM”

While we were more accustomed to a sweet side of her artistic career, Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter Sorcha Richardson gets out of her comfort zone with her new track “4AM”.

While her delicate yet intense songwriting is still pretty much recognizable, the production gets a bolder twist with heavy basslines showing a new honest position in her music. While repeating “It’s 4 in the morning, I think you should go”, the artist doesn’t hesitate on putting an open letter to admitting your wrongs but also to stop blaming yourself for it. The track evolves on a contrast between sweet and hard production, reminding that moment, at 4am, when the violence of the night fights against the sweetness of the early morning. The songwriting describes the situation of enjoying loneliness instead of staying on a toxic relationship. To get empowered alone rather than staying with someone because of the fear of forsakenness.

Sorcha Richardson inspires many of us who are afraid of being alone, and gives us hope and confidence by being unapologetically honest about her own struggles. With this new direction on the production, we are excited to see what’s coming next for her career and can’t wait to see her blossom.

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