⚡ Yaeji helps us enjoy our daily lives in new single “Therapy”

Feminist Korean Brooklyn-based artist, Godmode signee Yaeji makes an incredible comeback with “Therapy” showing how music and daily life can be everyone’s remedy.

In her self-directed video, the Discwoman associate creates a correlation between the healing power of music and the one of her routine life. While creating an eerie yet powerful atmosphere, the artist reminds us all how we should appreciate the meaningless moments of our lives as they help us find peace with ourselves. By creating her own DIY video, her statement gets more clear: what’s best that enjoying your life with those that you love? In her case, it is nothing more than friends, family and her dog. The fact that she sings entirely in Korean serves as a way to bring us back to her roots when everything seemed simpler. Thanks to the use of written translation, Yaeji helps us to understand the meaning of the song: Isn’t it tiring to be in the situation of permanent questioning of yourself?

In a therapeutic way, she makes us understand that the best way to enjoy life is via our everyday moments. Why to look at the negative things we might feel sometimes while happiness resides in what surrounds us? Every house beat alongside the sweet vocals of Yaeji and the repetive tone serve her message: let’s not worry about our inner saboteur.

The new track by Yaeji helps us dance the negativity away and enjoy our daily lives.

“Therapy” follows directly the vision that was seattled in her debut EP: the dancefloor is also a place to think about our lives and the injustice around us. Collaborating with the feminist collective Discwoman is a way to fight all of the negativity coming from patriarchy. A way of resistance by the simple fact of dancing and being together. Her new release comes as fuck you to the inner negativity that invades us and makes us forget that happiness is just around the corner.

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Bonus: You can listen to her rework of “Passionfruit” by Drake here below.

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