0171 signal their third EP with “The Basics Are Coming Back/Burnout”

Hackney based duo 0171 return ahead of their upcoming third EP Welcome Back To My Channel with double A-side single “Burnout” and “The Basics Are Coming Back”.

Ahead of their highly anticipated third EP Welcome Back To My Channel, London duo Joe Bedell-Brill and Georgie Hoare, better known as 0171, have dropped not one but two tracks to give us a taste of what’s to come.

0171‘s forthcoming EP as a whole is inspired by the weird and wonderful world of ASMR, combining this digital cocoon of sounds with the general feeling of sadness and uncertainty that stemmed from the global pandemic. As they posted on Instagram, these new tracks were conceived in the peaceful countryside of Wales.

However, the two newly released singles, which pose dichotomous emotions felt in response to the rollercoaster year, are nothing but quiet. Where “Burnout” is the emotional low point of the EP, focussing on the cyclic and spiraling nature of depressive thoughts and the feeling of despair that comes when you are physically and mentally exhausted – or burnt out -, “The Basics Are Coming Back” points focus onto a return to normality, with a more positive outlook conveyed.

Mixed by Joe Visciano (who has worked with the likes of Earl Sweatshirt, Frank Ocean, Jamie xx and SZA), both tracks are tightly produced, with a slick, underground vibe.

“Burnout” is composed of glitchy, garage beats, repetitive and swirling darkly in amongst 0171’s airy vocals. With the repeated lyrics “so tired, I think I’m dying”, the track is imbued with sadness and uncertainty. Don’t let this put you off though; the beat is relentless and evolves hypnotically into a beautiful nightmare.

“The Basics Are Coming Back” still retains the techno environment of “Burnout”, but uses these textures to convey a more progressive, forward moving sounding track. 0171’s vocal blends, when melded with the vast soundscape, create a sensation of motion, of picking oneself up from the darkness of “Burnout” and moving on.

The double A-sides work together to create a mood board of the entire pandemic; depressing, stoic and heavily imbued by the influence of the digital in our lives.

Rachel Chandler