August 2016

Skotia – Mary Jane (feat Ariella Fett)

skotia mary jane ariella fett

Take a tender voice, add an atmospheric beat, turn up the reverb and serve with a delicious drop. Here you have Skotia, with his track “Mary Jane” which also features Ariella Fett!

Motel Radio – Phasing Out

Motel Radio Phasing Out

Motel Radio released their second EP “Desert Surf Films” this month, via Roll Call Records, which secretes sunny vibes. The six songs possess a warm and intriguing feel with a unique experimental twist. The whole EP will have your feet and fingers tapping relentlessly. One stand out song amongst the six is “Phasing Out” which is smooth and jovial until the end.

Vince Staples Prima Donna Cover

Vince Staples – Prima Donna EP

There is a rift in the hip-hop community between what some break down into two types of modern rap. The first type is what many see as the overly-saturated, money talking, grandiosely violent and misogynistic “mainstream.” The second type is what hip hop “purists” deem “conscious hip-hop.” Some consider the former to be a cancer to the iconic original genre, but many others refuse to demonize either form. Vince Staples, however, is one of the artists who straddle the line between these two current major leagues, as his last EP “Prima Donna” demonstrates it.

AFFAIRS – Stained Gold EP

AFFAIRS don’t feel nearly ragey enough to have an all caps band name, but power to them for trying to pull it off. The group is a collection of five Englishmen who all met at Hull University, drawn together by a mutual love of 80’s tunes. Their style is self-described as “doom pop”, and while I don’t know if I buy it as a real classification, it fits the band’s creative feel. They just dropped a new EP entitled “Stained Gold”, and I’ve got some pretty strong opinions on the result.


Joe Hertz – “Playing For You” feat. Bassette

Brixton-based producer Joe Hertz has a sound that reminds you of cool evening breezes, a glass of cold lemonade, or air conditioning on a hot summer day. His chill layered beats are a perfect example of the seemingly endless pool of talent coming out of the UK right now, with the fellow likes of Zak Abel, Jordan Rakei, and of course Tom Misch also in the same camp.

Tiger + Man – Paper Cranes (video)

Brooklyn-based duo Tiger + Man, comprised of Austin raised singer/songwriter Tiger Darrow and South African composer Andrew Orkin, recently shared a surprising video for the sign-off track of their debut EP. “Paper Cranes” was directed by Mike Donaghey of Scratch Empire and premiered in Central Trak, just after the Orlando’s tragedy.

Deer Du Bois Playlist #126 indie pop indietronica

Deer Du Bois Playlist #126

Every Wednesday on HighClouds, from now until death do us part, we publish the picky playlists of our Brussels’ friend and collaborator Deer Du Bois. He has been demonstrating a real talent in highlighting emerging and talented acts and imposes himself as a real talent-spotter. Every week, his playlist is a sharp and buzzing selection of new discoveries in indie and pop music. And lucky you: we are now your fresh and fun place to weekly seat and savor his delightful “indie.tronic.dream.pop.chill.wave” cocktail. So, do you mind a cup?


Hydrogen Sea – Beating Heart

Belgian dream pop duo Hydrogen Sea is about to release their debut album and they just shared the lead single “Beating Heart.” The release of the LP “In Dreams” will follow up their 2014’s EP “Court The Dark.”