May 2017


Darrell Simms ‘Elements’ is about drawing on negative and positive elements in your life

Florida-born Los Angeles-based Darrell Simms recently released a new Chris OG-produced single, ‘Elements’, that is a shout from the heart


With the under-the-radar debut “Pacific Kiss”, MILKK have come out swinging

California has long been a muse for American artists, becoming as much of a fictional wonderland as it is a


Sepha explores the limits of love in “Real Enough”

London-born artist Sepha explores our alienation towards love and modern technology. His new song “Real Enough” tells the story of


Forest Swords shares gracefully choreographed video for “Panic”

Merseyside producer Matthew Barnes aka Forest Swords shares tense video for the song “Panic” taken from his album “Compassion” out


Peter Piek – Sweetest Thing Around

How could I miss this? A few months ago, Leipzig-based artist Peter Piek released his album “+” where he mixes


Follow the weird dance by Black Fly throughout the world in “Sign 2”

A month ago, we fell in love with the synth-goth debut of Black Fly titled “I Don’t Know“. He is

Deer Du Bois Playlist 161 indie pop

The Deer Du Bois Playlist #161: Washed Out, Majik, Active Child, Forever…

Every Wednesday on HighClouds, from now until death do us part, we publish the much-awaited and surprising playlists of our

(Sandy) Alex G Rocket review

(Sandy) Alex G – Rocket

The country-rock icon Gram Parsons aimed for his music to be “cosmic American music”, that is, a blend of country,