With the under-the-radar debut “Pacific Kiss”, MILKK have come out swinging

California has long been a muse for American artists, becoming as much of a fictional wonderland as it is a state. With all the thousands of songs and movies painting The Golden State in gilded hues, it sometimes feels like the mines of inspiration have been all but tapped.

And yet, newcomers MILKK have elicited the feelings of sunrays through palm fronds and sunsets over the ocean so freshly on “Pacific Kiss”, that it feels like taking that imaginary trip to the West Coast for the first time. The band advertises “feel good sad songs” on their social media, and they sure as hell deliver here, with a track that sounds like a pop tune’s cute, depressed cousin. Impossible to forget melodies meet lyrics that recall things that are painful to remember, and the result is pretty special.

MILKK‘s “Pacific Kiss” is both a portrait and a story – one that makes you long for a top down ride on the Pacific Coast Highway.

Lines like, “Highway One, riding high, I can’t seem to let you go. Semi-smile, ocean eyes; it’s too hot to feel this cold”, help make for one of the chilliest lost-love songs in recent memory, while shimmering production that mixes organic live instruments with nostalgic synths is the cherry on top. The mood here has a deep yet subtle blueness that resembles the Pacific itself, with a healthy enough dose of sunlight to keep things bright.

For an under-the-radar debut, MILKK has really come out swinging; and we’re excited to hear what’s next. In the meantime, there’s a breezy car ride scored by “Pacific Kiss” with your name on it.

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Jonathan Vilardi

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