October 2021

Augustine Sweet Love video

Augustine shares breezy new single “Sweet Love”

“Sweet Love” is taken from Augustine‘s debut album, Weeks Above The Earth, out today. Swedish songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist Augustine,

Ghost Piss Blushing EP interview

Ghost Piss on botany, blushing and blossoming as an artist

River Allen is Ghost Piss, a valley girl voice with a haunted drum machine and a vocation for anything vegetal.

Jessy Lanza Roger Kisby Seven 55 Dj Kicks Loraine James

Jessy Lanza announces DJ-Kicks mix, shares “Seven 55” (feat. Loraine James)

“Seven 55” (feat Loraine James) is taken from Jessy Lanza‘s upcoming DJ-Kicks mix, out November 19 via K7. One year

caroline loveglow happy happy video credit snapped by kay

Caroline Loveglow announces debut album, shares “Happy Happy” video

“Happy Happy” is taken from Caroline Loveglow‘s debut album, Strawberry, out February 25 on 100% Electronica. This Summer, we introduced

Kat Duma Lucid by Kirk Lisaj

Kat Duma experiments with psychedelia and trip-hop on “Lucid”

Kat Duma‘s new track, “Lucid,” is out via Halocline Trance. Toronto-based experimental producer and vocalist Kat Duma has recently unveiled

Laura Wolf Artifacts EP paravane

“Paravane” is a vessel for Laura Wolf’s prodigious imagination

“Paravane” is taken from Laura Wolf‘s new Artifacts, out November 12 via Whatever’s Clever Record. Cellist and art-pop Laura Wolf

You'll Never Get To Heaven Dust

Ambient pop duo You’ll Never Get to Heaven share haunting new single “Dust”

“Dust” is taken from You’ll Never Get to Heaven‘s new album, Wave Your Moonlight Hat for the Snowfall Train, out

Teen Daze - Interior

Teen Daze announces new album, shares prismatic dance single “Swimming”

“Swimming” is taken from Teen Daze‘s upcoming album, Interior, out December 10 via Cascine. British Columbia producer Jamison Isaak aka