Abby Cole debuts eerie new track “Blood & Water”

“Blood & Water” is the third single off of Abby Cole‘s upcoming sophomore EP SEETHRU.

It has been a minute since we wrote about Abby Cole, a Dallas singer-songwriter and producer who experiments with bedroom pop, synth-pop and electronic. The introverted artist has used her free time during the lockdown to work on her new EP, which was introduced back in October by the pulsating and angular “The Speed of Time.” According to Cole, the conceptual project depicts the story arc of a fantastical disaster, from the crime scene clean-up to the emotional recovery.

Today, we’re glad to premiere the eerie third single “Blood & Water,” which boasts twinkling synths and a ruminative chorus. Sounding at first like a lullaby, the track opens with lyrics that would fit well in a thriller or horror movie (“Blood is thicker than water, but it’s clogging up the drain, I meant to make you feel bad, To get inside of your brain”). Later, Cole repeats over and over again: “What good does it do letting go of issues? Cause they’re gonna come back.” The atmosphere is definitely eerie, but it doesn’t make the moral of the story less important: you simply can’t avoid conflict forever.

“Blood & Water” is out everywhere tomorrow.