Abby Cole shares darker sophomore EP, SEETHRU

Abby Cole‘s self-released new EP, SEETHRU, is out now.

Dallas-based singer-songwriter and producer Abby Cole has just shared the follow up EP to her 2019 project Is It Not Strange?. Evolving from bedroom pop to synth-pop, the DIY artist adopts here a darker tone. If you’re a regular reader of HighClouds, you might have already heard the frantic lead single “The Speed of Time” as well as the eerie “Blood & Water,” both premiered by yours truly. Another highlight of the EP, and the “meanest” of these five new tracks, “Does It Hurt Ur Feelings?” is the outcome of a frustrating date. “I was angry at myself for feeling nothing, and never feeling anything for anyone, and this song is me taking my anger out on the other person, as if it’s somehow their fault I felt nothing, even though I knew it wasn’t,” she explained.