Ailsa Tully unleashes her venom on wonderfully dichotomous track “Parasite”

Welsh up and comer Ailsa Tully releases her brooding second single “Parasite” since signing to Dalliance Recordings.

Ailsa Tully has always been one for doing things differently. Beginning with writing songs on the cello before switching to bass guitar, she mixes classical and DIY indie with a unique sensibility. Her self-released 2018 debut EP, Feuds, introduced us to her dark, ominous yet captivating world. The mixture of Ailsa Tully’s airy voice and her complex, undulating guitar work effectively draws listeners in.

If her previous single “Drive” was a more breezy chapter than usual, she’s more than made up for it on her latest offering “Parasite”. A tale based upon her own experiences in the music industry, the track is a calculated, spitting regaling on how to manoeuvre when operating in a toxic work environment, rife with unequal gender power dynamics.

Speaking of “Parasite”, Tully stated: “Parasite is a confrontational song written for a controlling and manipulative person. It explores the insidious manner in which sexism takes form, particularly within the inner workings of the music industry”.

The track ebbs and flows, but what is constant throughout is Tully’s thinly veiled fury. Her fragile and innocent voice plays nicely into this “feminine” demeanour that she presents at the opening of the track; she is caricaturing the way in which she is perceived by men in the industry.

As “Parasite” builds and the grungey, scuzzy guitars begin to rise, her facade is removed and we face the full wrath and bear witness to Tully’s frustrations.

Topping off her metaphor for the injustice of gender power dynamics, is a visual in which parasitic plants twine themselves around other plants, sucking the life from them in a way that is strangely beautiful, much like the track itself.

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