Alanna Gurr announces new album with “Life of the Party”

Alanna Gurr‘s new album, Life of the Party, is out October 26 on Missed Connection Records.

Hailing from Guelph, in Ontario, Alanna Gurr is slowly but surely making a name for herself with her introspective songwriting, which details snippets of life from an introverted extrovert perspective. “Life of the Party,” the first single and title track off of her upcoming fourth record, continues on that path. The artist is singing about how much she likes the parties… once everybody went back home.

In the singer-songwriter world, parties are a recurring theme: they’re one of these places where you can quickly feel different, paradoxically lonely or even socially awkward. In her new song, which sounds perky at first, Gurr is acting a lot. Pretending to be like a fish in water, she’s actually longing to get back to the reassuring comfort of her solitude. But is it really surprising for someone who released three projects on a label called Missed Connection Records?