Fall for the sing-along immediacy of All The Rest’s “Waste My Money”

All The Rest‘s self-released single “Waste My Money” is out everywhere.

There’s a special quality to songs that, when you hear them the first time, know are hits, and “Waste My Money”, from four-piece indie band All The Rest, is one that has it. The boys based out in the small southern city of Senoia in Georgia, make a rather big statement for themselves, the first milestone towards their common dream: becoming rock stars.

With the expert hands from multi-platinum producer Matt Squire [Panic! at the Disco, Good Charlotte], All The Rest deliver a dance-worthy pop earworm. Indeed, “Waste My Money” pulsates with an addictive energy featuring a punchy, lodge-in-your-brain-and-never-leave chorus. The quartet embrace a radio-friendly aesthetic by delving into R&B-inspired, synth-pop dominating the charts right now. However, they inject harder-hitting pads and an unexpected guitar solo to bolster the appeal of the piece. Like money and love, All The Rest‘s “Waste My Money” is dangerously addictive.

About it, Baylee, Jud, Caleb and Tre detail:

Money is what keeps us and alive and comfortable but when love and romance come into play it suddenly blinds your brain and becomes really easy to spend it all on your significant other…literally and mentally. If you’re head over heels about someone, you really can’t help it…nor do you care. “Waste My Money” is a song that symbolizes just that.

Watch their retro-inspired video, courtesy of Jesse Scimeca below.

Max Keijzer

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