Allison Lorenzen’s “MTO” is a dreamy song about healing and resilience

Allison Lorenzen‘s new track, “MTO”, is out now.

Last year, Allison Lorenzen bewitched us once again with “Glycerine”, a Midwife-assisted slowcore cover of Bush. Recently, the Colorado-based musician, who was previously known as one half of darkwave band School Dance, unveiled a melancholic and dreamy new song, “MTO (More Than Once)”. A “meditation on the cyclical way relationship patterns retreat and return several times before we recognize them”, the contemplative track also acts as a rumination about life and existence. But far from being a surrender, it celebrates healing and resilience – it’s a recurrent theme in Lorenzen’s music, as she was also reclaiming her life on “Be A Fortress“. Lorenzen is currently working on her sophomore album (Tender was released back in 2021) as well as on an ambient project.