Allison Lorenzen reclaims her life on atmospheric cut “Be A Fortress”

“Be a Fortress” is taken from Allison Lorenzen‘s upcoming album, to be released this fall on Whited Sepulchre Records.

Known as one half of darkwave band School Dance, Denver-based singer-songwriter Allison Lorenzen is now readying the release of her solo debut album. Following on “VALE,” a collaboration with Midwife’s Madeline Johnston, she has now unveiled the second single, “Be A Fortress.” Written after the end of her previous band and the breakup of a romantic relationship, “Be A Fortress” could be perceived at first like a breakup song. There’s indeed something very melancholy and ghostly about the atmospheric arrangements. However, the Twin Peaks-esque offering is actually a personal reminder to stay connected to her true self and to ignore the people and situations that don’t fit this mantra.

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